Reliable Networking solutions for your business.


MCC – Global Networking Infrastructure & Cloud Integration.


MCC™ offers Networking Infrastructure solutions for your business. Such as structured cabling following IT International standards such as: EIA/TIA 568ª & B, also supporting the EIA/TIA 802.11 a/b/g/g+/n y 802.16 standards.

MCC is powered by the following networking partners:

TP-Link Partner

TP-Link Partner

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Cisco Registered Partner

Bluetooth PAN Logo

Bluetooth PAN



Wireless solutions for SoHo.

For those customers who are exhausted of having several wires over their Homes or Offices, we can provide them a Wireless solution plan to avoid wires. We follow Wireless standards such as Wi-FI a/b/g/g+/n, Bluetooth PAN and Wi-Max depending on the network size and customer purposes.


MCC – Wi-Fi Certified

MCC - Wimax

MCC – Wimax


VPN Network Provisioning and Support.

MCC - VPN Provisioning

MCC – VPN Provisioning

Having your network extended nowadays is a challenge of security and privacy. We provide VPN (Virtual Private Network) services and support to our customers. With strong security systems, giving them the warranty.

FTP, SMB, fileservers and cloud storage services.

MCC - Cloud Storage

MCC – Cloud Storage

Having your network extended nowadays is a challenge of security and privacy. We provide FTP,SMB,fileservers (VPN capable) Using Linux and Windows servers.

VoIP and Telephony provisioning:


Do not waste large amounts of money in calls to your customes, MCC™ offers affordable solutions to your enterprise.

– We can provide a full independent Telephony System for your business, starting from a single SIP Server for VoIP and PTSN networks, which will be the responsible for all the incoming/outgoing calls manipulation and also will handle all the extensions in the facilities, the servers are based on an strict dial plan to choose the cheapest outbound gateway to save talking rates.

Elastix Server

Elastix Server

SIP Trunk

– We offer a full consistant SIP Trunk for your already existing telephony system, this means you will not need a server at all as we are VoIP providers. Worldwide calls at lowest rates, and the best sound quality, never mishear a customer and show you potential! (Internet connection is required in the customer end).

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